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Jamison Young: songz


October 20, 2010
jamison young

stranger in Berlin

 now you’re a stranger

nothing left for me

you have your dog and family

someone new in France to see  

I was just a postcard that walked through that door

now your a stranger only scars are what they see  

thought we could be friends

yet we sent me to the edge

cut the trees to fall on us

before i’m out of bed  

now i’m walking through this forest

stones fall from the sky

thought we could be friends

and i fell into the mud  

now you’re a stranger

no light in the door from here

i got no dog to walk no-more

these dreams have sunk have been

all the stuff we talked about

that’s behind the exit see

i’ve drowned and gone

i’m now the strange one here  

thought we could be friends ...