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Jamison Young: songz

great inversion

September 14, 2010
jamison young

grey sky brids

as they slowly bring me down

it feels like another sick joke

waiting great inversion

things haven’t really worked out

but i’d like to stay  

sunshine in the mountains

it’s a dream too true to me

it’s the anger beneath

that brings destruction to my dream  

who am i to judge way out

and what am i to choose

and what’s the meaning  

we planted all them seeds

from when we were just born

when things go backwards

might watch it all fall down  

woke up to the morning sun

the wheels on their merry way

and they say don’t be happy

you’re no good hey get a life  

go back to my bench

think about what they said

throw my money on the street

then pretend i’m dead  

who am i to judge way out ...