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Jamison Young: songz

fades to grey

September 14, 2010
jamison young

near Maarstrict train stop


socks on the milky way  

everything fades to grey

like the socks on the milky way  

i followed you to the fortress

they captured me and put me in a cellar

there were lots of trees and stuff

miniature robots were my best friend  

they captured me tortured me

with telepathic rays from above

now i’m lost inside my mind

all the buildings start to rust

all my friends forgot my name

yet they were never my friends anyway  

everything fades to grey ...  

I climbed out of the cellar

through a hole in the elevator shaft

i was nude yet found some clothes under a tree

where match box cars chimed with the wind

spoke to me about birds that could talk in english backwards

so i thought i could catch a ride

with that miniature robot friend of mine

everything fades to grey ...