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Jamison Young: songz

time to sleep

September 14, 2010
jamison young


colour this rainbow in a clown suit

drop this block on a piece of wood

see you smile in a cloud as you drive

gonna get out as we’ve been that way  

see the lost as you find a way

only to be the loser in the dawn

of the appetite

too much time in them black clothes  

need some time to put me to sleep  

take the emotion of the edge of this day

mind wanders in a forest far from here

bend this shadow back and forth again  

triangle frog wishing well in the park

if i climb that hill i’m at the edge of the city

no-one your time if you give it way  

box that plastic and smash them dice

climb that hill spill yourself on a balloon

see that face on another blue train  

need some time to put me to sleep ...