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Jamison Young: songz

miss you

September 14, 2010
jamison young

green grass and spring in Oslo

i miss you so much

miss you so much  

flower to the bee

tree and the leaves

pocket don’t need no holes

rocket ship needs to fly

rose to the bloom

empty house sits in concert  

i don’t need no other world

to tell you how great you are

within every moment

goes with every space  

it burnt out with the sky

with all them jealous places

thought you were so bad

yet i was much more worse

now i’m with the trash

missing all the life we had

i try to fly back to the trees

yet i was never a bird  

miss you so lonely

miss that body next to mine

like the moon meets the ocean

where the ocean meets

the open space  

like the moon meets the time

and the sky needs to be saved  

back within the ground

colors seems so different

what was us to be

stuck in abstract thinking

followed with a manic state

now you’re in every place  

miss you so lonely ...