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Jamison Young: songz

shadows on rewind

September 14, 2010
jamison young


wander this world

in an unknown space

past the clocks through the doors

in a maze of thought  

beyond falling through

on another side

if i stay here

i stay high  

could be the shadows

on rewind  

above their shop fronts

in a unknown room

without a sky

see you shine

in your unknown world

unknown place

climb the rise to fall again

to be with them

sometimes the pavement

seems to breathe  

could be the shadows

on rewind  

the chains are staged

have dragged us here again

in cogs of no mind

wind is blowing through

the hands within

back to the waiting cars

not surprised memories

synchronise with the real world  

could be the shadows

on rewind

streets do burn on thy unknown high

with a broken bored kite

if i could find my way to your warmth