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Jamison Young: music

Carry The World

(Jamison Young)
May 25, 2005
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I carry the world, I think about you
I really want to change and bring about me
All I do is worry, carry all these chains

I carried it home, home from school
When I left the place I carried it to
I carried it 'round like a ball and chain
All of these things don't make me feel great

I carried it to the buddha, I didn't let go
I carried it overseas, I thought it would float
I carried it so much, I thought I was strong
I carried and carried, I carried so long

I carried it up mountains so I could look down
I carried it beneath so I was all around
I clung to my carriage, my mission to carry
I carried and carried, I carried so long

I carried it over bridges 'til they burnt down
I carried it through the desert
I carried it through the clouds
I carried it to places no-one would go
I carried it up streams and I walked it down roads

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